Supercharge your personal growth.

Momentum is the life analytics platform that tracks your habits, helps you visualize improvement, and gives you insights to help make personal decisions.

Improve Your Personal Productivity

You have an abundance of data about yourself on services you already use. Combine this with data you collect throughout the day and get powerful analytics to improve your life, hit your goals, and discover when you're the most productive.

  • Track Habits & Visualize Progress

    Decide what to track and input your results each day. Get a dashboard view of how you're doing each day, month, and year.

  • Integrate 3rd Party Services

    Connect your wearable, screen time, sleep, and other data with our availible integrations. See what impacts you reaching your goals and productivity.

  • Wearable Data

    Connect your Fitbit, Apple Watch, or Oura Ring data.

  • Productivity Data

    Connect your Rescuetime account with our integration, to see how your screen time and laptop activity affects your work.

  • Daily Inputs

    Use our habit tracker, to set up flexible daily tracking for yourself.

You'll Do Great Things With Momentum.

Our beta users have seen 10 - 40% increases in productivity.